The 2024 MPRA Annual General Meeting  was held on Thursday 16 May at 5:30pm (17h30) at the Hellenic Club..

Guest speakers -  Alderman JP Smith, MayCo Member for Safety & Security for the City of Cape Town , Cllr Nicola Jowell gave  a brief Councillor Report too.

Promenade Upgrade Project started in June 2023 - see below (the original contractor was fired in January 2024 due to non-performance and a new contractor has been appointed.  The Promenade upgrade will continue on 01 June 2024):

04.05.2023 Sea Point Promenade SC Presentation.pdf

Security:   Crime Stats released for 2010 - 2020 (for full statistics, click this link: 

Security:   The 24/7 Tactical Patrol Vehicle direct number is:   066-486 2428.  Save it on your cell phone for easy access in an emergency!


PPA Security wants to ensure that you always feel safe - whatever you do or wherever you go - so they have introduced the PPA Panic App which means help is immediately on hand at the push of a button on your cell phone!

The PPA Panic App normal price is R99 ex VAT per month but MPRA members will only pay R49 ex VAT.  A great offer for Mouille Pointers!!!

For complete peace of mind download the App now (available on Google Play Store or IOS).  For additional info call their office on 072-081 2547 / 021-824 3881 /

In addition, and once again only for MPRA members, PPA can offer their Home Alarm Monitoring & Response service at the reduced price of R400 ex VAT per month (much cheaper than their competitors) and they will waive all installation, programming and service fees as well as the actual cost of any required switchover.

We are all feeling the crunch financially so we greatly appreciate these cost saving initiatives from PPA Security!

Events:  These are starting to come back slowly with limited spectators and participants.

Mouille Pointer's are encouraged to buy BinGuard locks to secure bins which will ultimately help stop the homeless from flocking to our suburb on 'bin day' where they make a huge mess.  If they know they can't access the bins they will rather go to another suburb where they can.

So go online to and order today!

Steps to order online with coupon code:

1.       Log into

2.       Click on “Shop”

3.       Roll mouse over the first image and an “add to basket” button will appear. Click on button.

4.       You will be taken to the “cart” page ( There you will select the quantity of Binguard locks you require.  

           **Not more than x 9 units per this order method.  There is a delivery fee  (see** re bulk orders below).

6.       Click on “proceed to checkout” and follow steps to select payment method.

**Bulk orders of ten or more locks will qualify you for free delivery. Those must be done by sending an email request directly to BinGuard: 

Houses or blocks that don't have 10 bins could work together, order 10 and have them delivered to one address. 

SAPS Monthly Meeting:   These have recently started again -  PPA attends on behalf of the MPRA to share crime info and trends.

Electricity / Load Shedding:

As Eskom continues to implement load-shedding, be sure to keep the schedule close so you can be ready for last-minute load-shedding

Some Tips and tricks of how to survive load shedding:

Get notified

If it’s going to happen, it helps knowing when it’s going to happen – the trouble is a tad lighter when it doesn’t take you by surprise. If you haven’t done it already, download the app: EskomSePush, LoadShed or Load Shedding Notifier are available on Android and IOS and they’ll let you know when and where load shedding is happening.


How Stuff Works warns about the effects of power cuts on tech and home equipment, especially as the power surges back in. Modern appliances also have sensitive micro-processors that should be shut down much like a computer and not abruptly. The best solution? Unplug your devices (once your batteries are charged, that is).

…or protect

If unplugging-plugging seems like a hassle, invest in a surge protector (for the main board), and surge protector plug adaptors. They detect power spikes and protect appliances by diverting excess energy.

Or a UPS (uninterruptible power supply), which basically serves as a battery back-up. It’ll keep power in your device for at least enough time for you to shut it down properly.

Alternative power

A few things that can help apart from the old candle: Back-up batteries, LED globes with a rechargeable battery backup with a battery that you can switch on when the power outage happens, solar power (solar power lamps or jars, or a portable solar power kit that can give you up to 15 hours of power), a generator that runs off fuel, a lantern or a lamp torch (a headlamp is practical when reading or working on a computer), a portable gas stove, a fully-charged power bank and, if all fails, glow-in-the-dark stickers.  

e-Hailing Services such as Uber etc.

Load shedding can sometimes affect phone networks. Before you get stuck on the side of the road with an uncooperative Uber app, make sure you’ve also saved the number of regular taxi companies. And keep some cash on hand, as credit card machines and ATMs might also be down.

Get insured

Not all insurance coverage actually protect against power outages and the effects on appliances. To make sure you’re covered in case of damages following load shedding, you might want to check with your broker.



Report burst water pipes by Whatsapp 063 407 3699, via, calling 0860 103 089 (choose option 2: water-related faults) or emailing